March 31, 2014

Hello everyone! Lots of updates, today!
Check out awesome Pecos!
Pecos and Dorella Ann Conner Tuckwiller jumping.
Another amazing shot today of Dorella and Pecos! How has this boy been with us so long?
Wynn with Amanda, a hop adopter – this boy is going to make someone a nice guy!
Sparky, the Morgan, networked and hauled to board with Sunday Stables for Morgan Safetynet
Ferris improving quite nicely!
Buttercup – looking very fit!
I took this of Dahlia today at Comer’s where she is boarded. She was adopted month ago 
Someone needs to get lined up for this guy. . .
I know he is still in the wonky rehabbing stage, but he is really something! Dressage prospect, for sure. . .with the most lovely personality! So loving! Wynn is a coming 10 year old OTTB. He is 17.2hh!
A picture of Wynn’s dam, an idea of what he shall look like after rehab.

I know many people want an update on Moon. Sadly, we do not have one. We pursued the last known owner as far as possible. He seems to have lost track after she ran through auction in PA. Our only hope is she will surface one day. . .we keep a watch on the US Trotting website hoping it will show an updated owner. Nothing so far. . .

Our next step is just pursue the adopter for all fees, her value and all damages possible in civil court, hold her accountable, let folks know when we have a judgement: Who she was, what she did. . .

And make the changes to make this less likely to happen, but unfortunately, I know we do a good screening job and dishonest people looking to deceive always find a way.

We hope the freeze branding helps. . .that will be our biggest change.

And we will always hope to find her. . .always.

We’ve adopted well over 100 horses. We’ve got a TREMENDOUS amount of amazing adopters. We are thankful for that.

Ravenswood in WV – no fee for this Boer cross doe – safe, goat knowledgeable home a must
Alfie is gelded and shockingly aged at 6!!! Shew! The bill will run about $350 – anyone able to donate, anything helps 
Thank you so much for your continued support! Remember to check back each day for new updates!

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