March 17, 2014

The Moon Update:

The man who claims to have sold her in PA several weeks ago, an Amish Horse trader named Yurie Yoder, is still demanding $3,500 to get Moon back.

This guy’s reputation proceeds him, and it is bad news. His farm in Jackson¬†is a mess covered in horses headed to auction.

He says he sold her to a Mennonite man in PA and that he promises me that we will not be allowed to “rescue” her (his words) without that sum in his pocket. The way he talks, he isn’t really sure he’d get that right horse back down even with the money. He talks in circles.

While we do not have that type of funding to purchase her back as it would put the other horses in rescue in jeopardy, the attorneys assure us if it comes down to it, we could add this cost to the suit against the adopter and very likely recover it over time through wage garnishment and other means.

But at the end of the day, this fellow is clearly not being honest about many things. We are pursuing every legal option we have and spreading the word the best we can.

He may not even have the mare and knowing he this sum isn’t attainable, he may just be using this story to bid time because so far he hasn’t produced a photo of the mare at the location in PA despite statements that he would.

I know it seems this should be a simple matter of theft, possession of stolen property and even extortion, and factually, that is what it is, but so far, law enforcement will not – in Ohio or PA – pursue it like that. It is a civil case, and everyone agrees we have a great civil case, open and shut, really, but that isn’t helping us get the mare back right now.


I want to encourage you if you appreciate the work the rescue does, especially considering the current issues at hand, to make a commitment of recurring monthly paypal donations or mailing a check in a small amount – it doesn’t matter if it is $1, $5 or $10 or $20 dollars. A large effort of small donations carries as much weight on one large donation – more really . . . as more people are involved, which is always a good thing in a rescue effort. Please do not be the person who thinks – My $5 a month donation doesn’t matter. It does matter. Imagine if the nearly 6,000 people using my personal farm and this rescue page gave even $1 a month? It is because people discount their gift and think it isn’t important so often that seeing that happen isn’t likely. Let’s try to change that.


Thank you so much for continuing to support the rescue. Remember to check back each day for new updates.

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