March 18-19, 2014

Hello everyone!

We love our current logo, but we had an offer from a web designer to revamp the website for us, and she included a host of new logo options. This will Mean new shirts this spring!!!! So here is a sneak peak!!!



The kitchen counter of a horse rescuer – ha!






We have our branding iron in the process –
some ideas we’ve sent the design team at:





Remember the nurse mare foals we rescued from Auction TWO years ago??? The last of the pair we sent on to Lilly Pond, Carson, will be adopted Saturday!!!
Athena and Carson were racing around the pasture – and little Bodie was trying to keep up with them on the other side of the fence!! LOL!! Check him out!
Kate, in her Ohio adoptive home today with Pauley’s Rowdy Acres – she was adopted coming up on a year ago

Now these are PERFECT!

Thank you to Brittany:


Please like and share the graphic and web designer’s page who has been gracious enough to, at not cost, undertake the revamping of the rescue website

Thank you so much for continuing to support the rescue! Remember to check back each day for new updates!


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