March 16, 2014

Ariel, named by our volunteer who rescued her and is fostering her, has received the sad, but expect prognosis.

This young mare’s condition is not one that can be rehabilitated and will force her to live in excruciating pain that is not manageable.

Had someone found her sooner, far sooner, there may have been hope.

She will be laid humanely to rest on Tuesday in Kentucky.

We are glad to have been able to offer her a soft, kind place for a short time and to see she NEVER suffers again and does not end up, like so many, without a kind ending.

Thank you many times over to Suzanna J for seeing her safe.




Thank you to Nicky and Dorella for traveling all day yesterday handing out flyers and checking an auction in search for Moon!





Sparky, the Morgan stallion headed to Sunday Stables with our volunteers! Thanks to Morgan saftey net for stepping in to cover his care and find a home in the future.

So thankful for all the volunteers that helped to get Sparky into a better situation than we could provide. He is an awesome horse and will make someone a GREAT friend! THANK YOU so much Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC, Morgan Safenet, and Sunday Stables for all your help!!

Thank you to Stephanie D. and Susan Sunday of Sunday Stables for making the trip today in bad weather to get the Morgan type stallion into a foster situation in Charleston for a Morgan rescue group that found out about him through us! Nicky and Dorella were able to get photos and evaluate him some time back and those photos and video led to this MorganSafenet group being able to help!

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Please share and help us find her






Wynn looking much better very quickly!!! Applications should come in on this guy quick! 17.2hh ottb



Rowan looking lovely as always




Ferris today 




Butter!!! How is this pony not yet adopted?






Pecos – Buttercup – Tara – Rowan – Kismet – Wynn

Clover – Buckshot – Bettie – Ferris – Ellie – Poppy

All of the above horses need a sponsor!

Memphis is a luck guy with a monthly sponsor! $150 sponsors a horse! $50 will sponsor a Mini!

Please consider making the commitment to sponsor one of these awesome rescue horses until they are adopted!!!





I want to encourage you if you appreciate the work the rescue does, especially considering the current issues at hand, to make a commitment of recurring monthly paypal donations or mailing a check in a small amount – it doesn’t matter if it is $1, $5 or $10 or $20 dollars. A large effort of small donations carries as much weight on one large donation – more really . . . as more people are involved, which is always a good thing in a rescue effort. Please do not be the person who thinks – My $5 a month donation doesn’t matter. It does matter. Imagine if the nearly 6,000 people using my personal farm and this rescue page gave even $1 a month? It is because people discount their gift and think it isn’t important so often that seeing that happen isn’t likely. Let’s try to change that.





This was Clover’s intake photo from October.

I feel like her story has gotten lost in the many others that go on with the rescue.

I do not want that.

She has one of the most sad, honestly, of all.

I’m reminded of that tonight when one of the people who had watched her and tried to help her before animal control got involved wrote to ask me how she was doing now.

A few words stood out in her reply when I explained her rehab had taken much long than what we usually see.

Her response that that Clover had been in that exact same condition “For many, many years” and tied to a rope and bred and ridden. . .all of the time. . .for Many, many years


And that is why we are here and do what we do. . .through the sad times and the better times. . .

For Clover

For Moon

For Scarlett

and all of those we have not yet been able to reach. . .






Thank you so much for your continued support and remember to check back every day for more updates.


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