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The rescue is pretty low on halters and lead ropes, so if you have any old ones laying around and would like to donate them, please let us know! : )

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Zip in one year

Yes, same horse – heavily documented – Zip was adopted by popular blogger and author of Chickens in the Road. com




To give an idea of expenses. . .yesterday the rescue wrote out $600 in board, $300 in supplies and paid a vet bill of over $300. . .just in one day. . .

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Giving West Virginia horses a voice, a chance and a brighter future is what we do. . .but this isn’t just our work, it is your work with which each gift you give. . .Please never feel it isn’t needed. The costs are very high, but I always feel the supporters will make sure we can fulfill the needs we have before us. . .so far you guys always have!



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