February 28, 2014

To give an idea of expenses. . .today the rescue wrote out $600 in board, $300 in supplies and paid a vet bill of over $300. . .just today. . .

Please consider supporting the work we do. Your support of any amount is always needed and appreciated!

Giving West Virginia horses a voice, a chance and a brighter future is what we do. . .but this isn’t just our work, it is your work with which each gift you give. . .Please never feel it isn’t needed. The costs are very high, but I always feel the supporters will make sure we can fulfill the needs we have before us. . .so far you guys always have!

Wynn had his teeth done and vaccines today… 


Clay county, WV. Truly urgent! No fee – some what a Feral situation, but land owner where they are located will sign over. There are 5 – weight is good on most, need farrier work. They are friendly enough to come up to anyone with feed and be handled. Approved homes only with farrier and vet references sent to equinerescue@live.com

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Rowan – adoptable now


Poppy – Mini mare – around 5 years old. She came in with some type of healed eyelid trauma. . .no issues with it, but it does make her eyes a little quirky







Thank you so much for your continued support! Remember to check back every day for new updates!


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