March 2, 2014

This is another group of Mingo, WV horses – these aren’t on a strip mine site. These are right along some new road way. You can see one has a broken leg and is hobbling around the best it can there. I just received this video yesterday. Again. . .I don’t have answers to this problem. I want awareness to make the state take action – reach out and ask for national rescue help. . .something better than silence or defense of the feral horse problem in that county (and others)

My suggestion? Call Mingo county, WV officials and request they contact HSUS for assistance (Humane Society of the United States) and contact WV legislature and ask they implore the county to take action to stop this before there is no way in can be humanely be dealt with.

Keep in mind, this is one small group of several hundred in this county alone.

St Albans, WV – Greenbroke, calm TWH Gelding. About 14hh – 4-6 years old

Very nice guys – easy to ride. . .though he doesn’t know lot – willing to please!

$300 neg fee to approved home!

Rescued with Pecos and rehabbed and owned by Deb P.

Alfie update! He’s looking so great now, even if a bit muddy. 🙂
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