February 27, 2014


We got him – the OTTB – Meet Chance

I went out on a limb. I asked Susan Sunday at Sunday Stables to take in one more for us. . . please help us cover his intake cost. I really believe this guy really deserved a shot here with the rescue! Thank you Susan Sunday for not hesitating a MOMENT and saying to bring him.

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New intake – Wynn / aka Chance –

New intake – Wynn / aka Chance – OTTB, 9 years old, 17hh –

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Wynn may have an adopter waiting already once he is rehabbed 







Clover update – long over due. While she has taken a long time to start really looking like a horse – she is really finally doing so, so well – intake a B/C of one – it will not be long before we can evaluate her. This girl has been tough to rehab – but she is really now making progress!

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Beautiful Kismet! This little mini was a B/C of 1-2 when she came in back in the fall

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Poppy – Mini mare – around 5 years old. She came in with some type of healed eyelid trauma. . .no issues with it, but it does make her eyes a little quirky

1920363_726182980746333_725729970_n 1904124_726182967413001_1996276075_n




Ferris – rehabbing really quickly




Rowan – adoptable now






Safe and going to rescue!




Olive hill, Ky – All females 10wks old. Mother is part lab/heeler. Rescue needed or adopters asap




Thank you so much for your continued support of the rescue! Remember to check back each day for new updates!

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