This is a new, on-going program to begin at the start of 2022, with Pilot funding from the ASPCA / Right Horse Initiative, invites trainers with active lesson and show programs and a good social media platform to partner with Heart of Phoenix by accepting at least one adoptable horse into their training program at a time through out a year long study.

Transitioning with Trainers will allow many horses to consistently receive much needed training while maximizing exposure in the equine community and increasing adoptions outside of a competition.

Heart of Phoenix will cover all farrier/vet costs, chiro care, as needed, and we will cover basic board or reduced training rates, as mentioned below.

Currently, Heart of Phoenix a massive amount of social media interaction, paired with over 2.5 million blog/website views:

We will help you grow your client base greatly, as well as increase your training recognition through our massive social media outlets, just as we have done for dozens and dozens of trainers across this East coast.

Beyond this, your partnership will develop the respect of a solid community of horse lovers across the USA and the World, while helping horses get into good homes.

The trainers will choose one of the two options below:

Short Term Program

Trainers: 3
• Horses: 12
• Discounted training fee of $400 per horse per month
• Average training period 3 months
• Goal: 1 horse adopted every 3 months

HOP set the fee and receives the fee for this option

Long Term Program

• Trainers: 6
• Horses: 36
• Discounted training fee of $150 per horse per month
• Trainers also receive 50% of adoption fee and set the adoption fee
• Average training period 6 months
• Goal: 1 horse adopted every 2 months per trainer

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