February 18, 2014

Good evening everyone!

We have some wonderful update photos of some of the rescues!


Look at Atlas today! He looks so great!!


Bettie, about a month after rescue – she is 25 year old TWH mare.

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Blake today – adopted and boarded with our VP



Buckshot – this boy is so lovely!

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Ellie – her intake was 1/21
Hock injury is doing better after a few weeks of antibiotics. . . hoping to see a full recovery

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Ferris – this boy looks so much better – intake was 1/21

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The best hard news story in West Virginia from 2012 comes back around and is trending on WOWK again. It tell the story of the nurse mare foals we pulled from Cattletsburg auction that spring (the second pair) and follows them to Last Chance Corral. Our volunteer, Gena, got amazing, heartless audio from the breeder of the foals in Olive Hill, Ky (where he callously raises over 100 a year). Nicky Walters is the reporter, and she would go on to become one of our volunteers less than one year later.



19.68% of slaughtered American horses are Thoroughbreds.

That means 26% of their foal crop numbers are killed off, on average a year.

The 19% slaughtered yearly has held steady for 10 years.

Those numbers speak nothing to the ones ending up at auction and privately purchased or ending up in rescue.
It speaks nothing to the nurse mare foals that die as a result.

Who here thinks an industry killing off a minimum of 19% of what it generates a year is acceptable?


This mare still need funding to come in to allow us to help her – please, please consider making a donation of any size to allow us to get her and see her rehabbed. The person who picked her up from the person who was starving her simply isn’t able to get her rehabbed, so there must be underlying conditions. The donate button is there beside of the like button, you can commit to mailing a donation or paypal: equinerescue@live.com – let us get this girl to rescue TODAY!


***UPDATE*** We are headed to go get the QH mare. Not nearly enough donations have come in for her, but we are going to move her in and hope our supporters come through 






Starting the day off with 199 votes, that is 127 votes in a 24 hour time frame. thanks guys an gals that have helped me with this so far. Keep on voting we greatly appreciate it.



A finger down, but ferris is loaded to go to Susan Sunday’s to make room for the incoming qh mare





Unloaded ferris – loaded up the new QH intake




Thank you so much for your continued support. Be sure to check with us every day for new updates on the new rescue as well as the rest of the gang.

Donations are greatly appreciated, and will help us fully vet the horses and give them the care they deserve after the suffering they’ve experienced.



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