February 19, 2014

Hello everyone! Here’s what’s happening with some of our rescues and our newest addition, Tara!

Buttercup – She is a gem!!! Late teens to 20 year old QH pony. 13.3HH. W, T and C (I’m quite tall – she isn’t near as small as I make her look)

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Meet newly named “Tara”

She sure needed us. We appreciate the kind person who brought her to us. He wanted to see her to the rescue to make sure she got the help she needed.

Thank you to those who have donated. We are no where near the level we need, so those able to donate, please do so.

Tara – intake photos – Ten year old QH mare. Owner surrender. Donate to equinerescue@live.com to help with her care costs

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Tara’s intake video:




Ferris on his way to board at Sunday Stables

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Buckshot did really well today! Rode him W-T. He would be a good intermediate type boy. Had a lovely, very smooth trot. Video coming soon. $400 adoption fee. I’m tall, keep in mind, but he is about 14.2hh. Gelding and 10 years old.

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Just a bit under 2,000 views from 100,000 on youtube! Scarlett’s Video:
Please hop over and vote for my husband and one of our hardest working volunteers!
Thank you for your continued support, we appreciate all of you and your efforts to help!

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