February 17, 2014

Hello everyone!

We have some bad news and some good news today. Let’s start with the bad.

No luck with the large horse starvation case we could help in Mingo county, WV, but the photos were so awful, I think everyone should see what Mingo county disregards. . .just like they overlook the starving feral horses. . .

The Mingo County Sheriff is (304) 235-0300 – these horses have been visited by the ACO in the last week. They are located on the Mingo side on the Dingess tunnel right on the roadside.


This mare needs our help. She is in WV. A person picked her up and is going to get current photos of her. He says she is quite a bit worse than this photo shows as this is an old photo. He cannot help her but wanted to get her safe. We will offer her a spot if we can raise the funding needed to cover her initial vetting, transport, farrier and board to move a current horse to our awesome foster Susan of Sunday Stables – this averages $1,000. Can you help us get her safe?!



Pecos and foster, Dorella T, checking out the new Parelli ball


The APPLICATION Approval process has changed.

Applications will fall into 3 categories. Most applications will fall into Type 1 or Type 2 and a few will, unfortunately, be classified as Type 3.

Type 1 is an approved applicant. They are in compliance with all of the board’s requirement for adoption. This adopter is able to adopt as soon as a suitable match in the rescue is found.

Type 2 is an applicant that will receive a Compliance sheet. This will shows areas where the applicant needs to work on to be in compliance with the rescue’s adoption requirements. These areas may pertain to the barn facility, reference list and/or additional equine experience. This applicant can chose to stay in contact with the rescue and work with us to become an approved adopter in time.

Type 3 is an applicant we believe isn’t well suited to adoption through Heart of Phoenix. There are many reasons why the board may arrive at this decision; however, once made, the decision is final. Anyone filling out the application agrees to never harass or make demeaning remarks about Heart of Phoenix based on the rescue’s decision on an application.


This stallion needs a home. We sent out volunteers today (Nicky and Dorella) to see if this guy is broke to ride. While he is not, they said he is smart and would be a fun and easy guy to get going. He is about 14hh. He is in Alum Creek, WV. Urgently needs a home. The rescue can help cover gelding costs to the right home. No fee.


This is a video our volunteers put together of Sparky, the stallion in need of a home urgently. Rescue will assist IF NEEDED in gelding – approved home required. No fee. Located in Alum Creek, WV


Memphis seems to making a little progress with the hay change to an alfalfa mix and the introduction of bulk omeprazole with Uguard pellets. We’ve also, since his rehab has been so slow, added in a small amount of Nutrena’s low starch pellet yesterday. The sweet guy came in with rain rot, and that is usually a quick and easy fix, but his case was really severe and given the ultra low temps and his low weight, we had blanketed him quite a bit. The dampness created from the blanketing wasn’t allowing the rain rot to heal. Now we’ve moved to no blanket (temps are better and his weight is better) and turn out, which is better for the ulcers, but man. . .the rain rot is just now really starting to clear up and the bald patches are barely starting to show new hair growth.

I promise when this guy is totally rehabbed, he is going to be stunning beyond words!

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