What does “I saved this horse” mean?

What does “I saved this horse” really mean?

There are many steps involved in changing the life of a horse in need.

For us, saving a horse means being the primary driving force that allows a horse to become a healthy, trained and go into a safe home.

We do not just pick a horse up from bad situation and say, “We rescued this horse.”

We do not just bring the horse to a facility and call the horse “Saved.”

We make sure we follow the steps needed to make sure the horse is actually safe and able to move forward with a healthy life as a partner for a great home.

“Rescue” goes far beyond the transport of a horse into a facility. While that can be time consuming and costly, it is a small first step.

Once a horse arrives, the true time commitment and cost begins.

Last year alone, Heart of Phoenix spent over $125,000.00 just on vet care, and given that we receive 25%-50% off regular vet rates, that means our horses required nearly $175,000.00 in vet care alone.

This does not count farrier care, transport costs, chiropractic care, routine medical supplements, grain, hay, training or any of the other many needed elements to make a large non-profit work effectively.

This doesn’t assign value to the hundreds of hours each week that just our core team gives to make it all possible, and it doesn’t factor in the thousands of hours given yearly by the broader, country wide volunteer team. Well, because, how could we? It is priceless.

Every element of changing a horse’s life matters, and Heart of Phoenix works hard to oversee all of those elements to be sure they are ethically done and done in a way to means long term change.

Watch our real time rescue efforts on https://www.facebook.com/HeartofPhoenixEquinerescue

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  1. Good words! It is really important to understand that saving a horse is not limited to simply moving it to a new place. Your post gives us a deep look at the process and responsibility associated with the actual rescue and ensuring a safe life for the animal.

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