Let 2020 be the year you change everything for neglected horses in Appalachia

2020 has been tough, hasn’t it?

I know there have been thousands of reasons why it has hit our country and us personally very hard, and in our live at Heart of Phoenix, one major area we’ve seen a decline in where we’ve always excelled is our monthly sustaining donor base.

Many people, even those who have given for years, have cancelled their monthly gifts.

We must work hard to rebuilt that base, and we really need to do so before winter.

Becoming a monthly donor is one of the easiest ways to absolutely save the lives of horses you can possible be part of at a rescue.
We need to inspire at least 100 people to become sustaining donors or to increase their monthly support before January 2021.

If we find 100 new people who want to invest in the living saving work of HOP who each sign up to give $10 a month, in one year, that means $12,000 more in needed funding each year. It would supply the hay for the square bales for our main location for over half of of the year.

Or imagine if those 100 people give $20 a month, then that means full care is covered for 10 MORE lives each month. It offers $24,000 more in needed funding each year.
Sustaining donors are the reason we can step in on a moments notice and save a life. We appreciate grant funding and one time large donations, but truly, we exist because of the giver who steps in every single month.

The bulk of the work we do is because of our small monthly givers, and the more monthly givers we can county, the more we can do the help horses in desperate need. Many donors are giving between $5 and $20 dollars each month, and they are collectively, positively reshaping Appalachia for equines!
Get ready to make a commitment for whatever amount you can to be part of change. Amazing things will continue to happen when you decide your gift of ANY amount matters.
I promise you, it does.

Just click make this a monthly donation:



I know many people who say,

“I wish I could help more.”

“I wish I lived closer.”

“If I ever win the lottery,”
But you can make an impact of horses suffering across our region today by just signing up to give whatever you can each month

Please help us help the horses of Appalachia. You’ll be ever so glad you did.

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