Sponsor and Advertise at the Appalachian Trainer Face Off: All the Details here!

Hey, friends and supporters of the Appalachian Trainer Face Off and Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, it is that time of year again!


We need you all this year! – Tinia Creamer, Founder and President

You have the opportunity to sponsor and advertise during the ATFO and HOP Fun show! This year, your support in these creative ways is so much more important than ever due to all of the challenges 2020 brings with events like this.

We have 22 classes. Class sponsorships are $50 per class. These are announced before the classes run, and they can be for a business, a loved one or a favorite trainer or pet/horse. You can see the class list here: https://appalachiantrainerfaceoff.com/attend/

Due to Covid-19, the group meet and greet dinner is not possible this year, but we are giving all supporters a chance to SPONSOR your favorite trainer team’s meals for the weekend. HOP will order meals several nights, so if you would like to sponsor your favorite team(s), it is $30 for both evenings.

We need 55 STALL sponsors. These are $40. Please consider this for your favorite ATFO Competition or Showcase horse.

New for this year, we will have 8×12 brochures with 20 color pages. It is $50 to Advertise your business or post a “GOOD LUCK” ad for your favorite trainer team for a full page. It is $25 for a half page.

Lastly, we are still working on final grand prize packages, so if your equine business would like to become a prize package supporter, please teach out.

Sponsors for the grant prize awards are listed in the brochures, as well as announced during the show, and they are published online.

Please consider, if you have a local business, sponsoring one or more classes! It is great advertising and a wonderful way to support a tremendously impact event.

Thank you for sharing this far and wide!

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