Josh Lyons with Lyons Legacy partner to horse horses in need

Collaboration means success.

We can’t have all things in common, but we can have some things where we are in accord.
The deep, abiding love of horses – the value of the horse and the hope we can make more horsemen and women better . . .these are things we can build partnerships upon.

So when we were invited, at no cost to Heart of Phoenix, to take part in the Josh Lyons- Josh Lyons/Lyons Legacy – Trainer’s Clinic last week, we were incredibly thankful because it meant that message of “Let’s Help Horses and Horse People” had connected with the industry insiders, but we also felt that it proved the industry is looking to work toward an amazing tomorrow for horses!
We are, too.

Let’s do some beautiful stuff.
Heck, you know we will, ya’ll. We absolutely will.

Amazing thank yous go out to Josh and Jana Lyons, Vivian Jones for riding Hamilton in this for us, Missy Walker for driving and toughing the whole week out, Susan Sunday and Suzanna Johnson.
Together, we can change things.
We can show people that horsemanship means a lifetime of learning, that horses deserve that education and that we need it. . .

And we can do anything together.
Please look for a clinic this spring you can take part in. Your horse and YOU deserve it!

Find Josh and Lyons Legacy clinic this year by visiting here

Find all event photos here

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