Apply to Compete as Horse Trainer Today

Apply by April 15th, 2020.

Pick up day is May 12th in Winfield, WV / Competition is Aug 20-22nd.

Judges are Josh Lyons, Patrick King and Michael Lyons (4th Judge to be annouced)

Change the future of an adoptable horse, reach tens of thousands through the Heart of Phoenix audience and connect with a massive number of future clients by being an ATFO trainer in 2020.

This event has grown to become one of the largest trainer exhibitions in the country, and we invite you to apply today.

Featured multiple times in Horse Illustrated Magazine, The Appalachian Trainer Face Off hosted 1,000 attendees in 2019 and saw thousands tune in online. Many of the stories of previous horses competing reached 10-30k people through our Instagram feed. The competition is judged by internationally recognized horsemen and women.

More importantly, it has expanded the reach of excellent trainers, sharing their talents nationwide, while helping re-home dozens of horses.

We believe in a message that good trainers and good horsemanship make lasting partnerships.

We do not want a single awesome trainer, be they amateur or professional, to miss the chance to take part.…/the-appalachian-tr…

For 2020, the tentative cash prizes are:

Professional division:
$2,000 Champion
$800 1st runner up
$500 2nd runner up

Amateur division:
$1,000 Champion
$400 1st runner up
$200 2nd runner up

There will be additional items in the prize packages by the event date, including products / feed from Buckeye Nutrition and Excel Eq. Stay tuned. Trainers also receive 50% of the adoption fees if the horse is adopted at the adoption auction following the event. This competition is sponsored, in part, by the ASPCA.

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