You’re the Wrong Color: This isn’t what you think, really, or maybe it is

Each time I see animals in desperate need I am aware the odds they receive help wraps entirely around their colors and breeds before anything else.

For instance, I saw a post about a dog, emaciate in a poverty stricken area, who was dumped. He had a gross neck wound that was infected and painful.

I thought, “A big dane type cross. He will get help.”

Another post was a kitten, emaciated, too, covered in fleas, found locally under a used car in a lot.

I thought, “How Lucky that one will be.”

There is tremendous value in appearance. . .in people, in animals. . . over anything else, I hate to say, and those in animal advocacy know how strong the power of “pretty’ and unusual can be.

What animals look like saves their lives.


It may be almost, or entirely, as valuable to humans.

Desire to come help or adopt is often not based on how they interact, their potential or intelligence.

Personality, intelligence and spirit SHOULD matter more. And you know, we can change that if we keep talking about it, I believe.

You cannot know a being matches with YOU because the color or flash is appealing.

Animals, and maybe people, are dying because we select beings based on visual appeal alone.

Let’s change that, and let’s talk about the value of good horses (and pets) that may be plain but PERFECT.

And sure, I am still glad certain animals do have flash, because the world we have will save them, and they deserve it, too.

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