Giving personalized items donors know we need and select themselves is an amazing way to help a horse in need.

All items can be delivered by appointment to Lesage, WV or mailed to

Heart of Phoenix RR 2 box 6A, Lesage, WV 25537

Our amazon wish list is here

Tier 1 –

Economical places to order from: ChicksJeffers  –

  • Essentials we need constantly at the rescue
  1. Breakaway Halters in all sizes, but COB is what we use most
  2. Lead ropes
  3. Breakaway Repair Kits made by Weaver for creating and fixing halters
  4. Breakaway Neck collars for horses
  5. Fortex flat back buckets for feeding
  6. Plastic 5 gallon, flat back water buckets
  7. Grooming kits or individual grooming items
  8. Horse treats
  9. Farrier Sponsors at $30 per trim
  10. Fly spray of any kind
  11. Bell Boots (larger sizes for TBs)
  12. Waterproof Sheets (all sizes, especially TB sizes)
  13. Hay Bags 

Tier 2

  • Investments we use over the long term
  1. Stall Mats (current need of 25 3×6 mats from Tractor Supply or Rural King)
  2. Gravel and crush and run deliveries to Lesage, WV
  3. Pipe Gates for Fenced areas (8 ft)
  4. Industrial stall fans (15) Lower cost option here or Higher priced option here
  5. Hay deliveries (round bales *$300 per delivery of 6) or square $2,000 per 300 bales delivered / stacked)
  6. Main Location Feed Sponsors weekly (can be paid to Valley Cash for Lesage, WV at $500 per week)
  7. Horse Sponsors a $175 per horse a month
  8. Trailer Tires

Tier 3

  • Exceptional Gifts we can greatly use
  1. Safe, Reliable farm use truck for our caretakers (doesn’t need to haul a trailer)
  2. Heavy Duty, 6′ high Round Pen
  3. Installed Barn and Premises monitoring system
  4. Horse Sling
  5. Flat bed trailer

To speak with us directly via phone about making a large in-kind donation, please email our director at with your number, and she will call you personally.

All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

HOP is a 501(C)3 Organization