One of the goals at Heart of Phoenix is the help good folks keep there horses, so that fewer horses need to transition into new situation unless needed.
One way to do that is by making sure horse owners have the tools they need to work with their horses.
Ok, so admit it. If your foundation garments aren’t comfortable, no matter what you look like, your day really isn’t all that great. Maybe it is just mildly annoying for you, maybe it really distracts you, or maybe you are just so darn uncomfortable that you are short tempered and grouchy.
And hey, the bra or underwear that I consider the most comfortable may not be the ones that you like to wear at all.
So why am I talking about undergarments on a horse page?
horse in bra
Because if these things are true for us humans, then why do we think Our favorite saddle is also every darn one of our beasts favorites? Or Our favorite bit is most definitely the bit our horse should enjoy wearing?
Folks, if your horse isn’t behaving well while you are riding her, please consider that your equipment that you are so in love with is causing her to act this way. They don’t have the ability to text us and chew us out. All they can do is be cranky, irritable, and if you don’t listen up, buck and run away.
You can adopt the right horse and be the right rider, but if the “underwear” isn’t comfortable nobody is gonna have the right ride!
This article helps Heart of Phoenix To grow a community of knowledgeable, rational advocates, HORSE People and potential adopters who make great homes for horses in transition looking for their new homes As partners of the #RIGHTHORSE, we want to spread the word about partnership, good horse care and equine adoption.