Attend The 2019 Appalachian Trainer Face Off, the Heart of Phoenix Fun Show and Adopt your NEXT HORSE

Heart of Phoenix followers, the most amazing thing happening in equine rescue RIGHT NOW is playing out now during the Appalachian Trainer Face Off!

The Appalachian Trainer Face Off is a revolutionary event that brings previously untrained Adoptable Horses together with Amazing Trainers across our region in a way never seen here before

Over 25 trainers and 35+ horses, many which were feral prior to this event, will be showcased!

These trainers are working with these equines from Heart of Phoenix from May through August, undertaking 100 days of training to be able to compete on August 23rd and 24th to show the horse community just how AWESOME Adoptable Horses Can Be and to showcase their talents as horse trainers in Appalachia!

To apply to adopt and stay in touch:

Follow Appalachian Trainer Face Off for DAILY updates on over 30 rescued HOP horses in training and up for adoption in August.

In addition to the Face Off, on the 24th of August, during the competition, we have a full day of showing offered for anyone and everyone!

ATFO Judges are JOSH Lyons, COLTON Woods, Richie Winfield and Ariana Sakaris

We will be posting more and more adoption postings from these horses as the days go on, and we are closer to the adoption and competition event in August (23rd/24th).

If you’re looking to adopt a horse and already have a good horsemanship foundation, please look into applying for one of these amazing horses.

You cannot top the time and consideration put into their education of these horses from May 15-August 23rd.

Please share with a friend(s) and plan to attend the public event.

The ATFO runs during our yearly FUN SHOW open to everyone!

If you’re considering bringing a horse into your life, we want you to feel​ confident that adoption is the right way to do it. Whatever your wants and needs, your right horse is out there. We’ll help you find it. Check out this ADOPTABLE horse to see if this may be your right match! #RIGHTHORSE




CLICK ATTENDING on the FB event here:


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