When You’re the Wrong Color: This isn’t what you think, really, or maybe it is

Tonight. . .I saw two animals in desperate need.

The odds they receive help wraps entirely around their colors and breeds.

What is we lived that way, I thought. . .initially, but I realized, we do. That is another story.

A dog, emaciate in a poverty stricken area, was dumped. He has a gross neck wound that is infected and painful.

A kitten, emaciated, too, covered in fleas, was found locally under a used car in a lot.

I thought, “How Lucky.”

You may wonder why, but this means you don’t understand the tremendous value on appearance. . .in people, in animals. . . over anything else.

For both, I thought, “I am glad you’re orange with fuzzy hair or I am glad you’re not a Bully cross or Walker Hound and you’re big and flashy.”

What animals look like saves their lives.

It could be almost, or entirely, as valuable to humans.

It has nothing to do with other factor.

I hate to say personality, intelligence and soul SHOULD matter more, as you’re born with those, too, but at least one MUST look at those closer. . .to see there is a mesh, a match.

You cannot know a being matches with YOU because the color or flash is appealing.

Animals, and maybe people, are dying because we select beings based on visual appeal.

That will never be the right choice.

Death because you weren’t the right color, size or failed to have visual titillation cannot be okay, folks.

I am still glad these animals tonight, in need, have flash, because the world we have will save them.

It would not save and re-home the black, short haired kitten or the black pit bull. . .often enough. As often as these.

I am thankful these have a better option in this broken world.

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