“Charitable giving, Finite Resources and How You Decide to Give”

“Charitable giving, Finite Resources and How You Decide to Give”

There are many amazing organizations deserving of funding, and the fact we all care about different things makes so much good happen.

There are also too many well intended, poorly executed organizations and even fraudulent organizations that take away from the quality charities operating in the country.

If we want the most good to happen with what is given yearly, knowing that amount is dramatically going up, we need to change how we give.

In equine rescue, we struggle with loss of sustainable funding for good organizations due to non-researched, emotion-driven feed lot giving where no future, rehabilitation or home is typically secured for a horse and much of the information circulated to those giving is quite false.

My hope is that if we can find a way to turn more of the finite funding given broadly and without much discretion toward the great organizations, large and small, we can so much more accomplished.

When a person decides to give, ideally, they look at their gift as an investment.

There is thought and consideration applied.

For instance, within Heart of Phoenix, you can see we have sustained 50 or more horses very well for quite a long time, and you can see the small budget we accomplish this with posted on Guidestar. So not only do you see how transparent we are, but you see we are masters of accomplished great things with small funding. You can see the results of the rehabilitation your funding covers are nothing less than miraculous. You can see that we are progressive and long term in our thinking and actions with a focus on the innovative and creative.You can see that your donation doesn’t just initially impact a horse and then send him off into the great unknown. We stand behind the horse for good, which means, so does your donation. We aren’t the only ones, but there aren’t as many of the us as there are of the not so fabulous organizations.

Good investment.

It is more important now than ever with some recent tax law changes and an overall change in the way social media works with charities that depend on exposure and stories to sustain their work that supporters become empowered and educated in their giving and look for the good guys.

Looking at your donations as a short and long term investment changes everything about the way you give. By doing this, you will end up giving to the organizations most qualified to make the most of what you grant them.You will be considering the fruit of the gift, whether they seem to really produce economical and sustainable results with the amount of funding they have.

So compare their results with the results of other organizations, and dig a little deep to consider the budgets backing the work you see.

Consider the odds of the organization being around in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years. If your gift is an investment, you want to see longevity, I suspect.

You will decide what you’re long term hope for the gift, large or small, is, and you will know the impact you need to see for your money. You make sure to follow along with the work closely of the organization you’re giving to. You consider what you’re seeing in terms of growth and quality.

It is much like the stock-market – you cannot give an unlimited amount of money, you’ve typically worked hard for your income, and if you’re going to invest, you want to invest smart.

We are not the only place to give in the equine community where you can know your gift is well given, but we are one of the places you can do so.

If you believe in our mission and they way we work here, we really need you to partner with us by becoming a monthly donor.

If you’re not in a place to give right now or give in another direction, we totally understand. We love your shares, likes and comments so much!

But if our work resonates with you, you believe we are the right place to invest what you have to give to make a better world and can give, consider doing so now as a sustaining monthly partner here: http://www.wvhorserescue.org/donate/

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