Finding the RIGHT HORSE provides a fairy tale ending!

The story of Diana and Reese is nothing short of a fairy-tale!

Reese was posted very thin and in need of home with whoever to catch him in Lincoln county quite a few years ago.

We made the trip to save this boy, and he was running at large up and down a small country road.

It took some effort to catch him, and it was easy to see he had not been treated well in his 18 years of life.

Diana has been dreaming of a horse of her own her whole life, and it wasn’t long before, while taking lessons at Sunday Stables, she met and started to fall head over heels for this red gentleman who was learning to trust people. Reese’s foster started using this boy for lessons with Diana, as well.

Her amazing husband applied to adopt this boy for a Christmas / Special Birthday gift, and what a surprise this was?!

Not only did this prove a match made in heaven and to be just what this long neglected gelding needed, but in time, Diana also grew to love HOP and become an invaluable asset as a volunteer for us!

Diana found her #RIGHTHORSE right HOP. I bet you can, too!

The Right Horse

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