Why Adopt A HORSE?

Why Adopt A HORSE?

Hey folks, we wanted to take a moment to tell you about some perks of adoption beyond the obvious!

1. At Heart of Phoenix, we know the application and adoption agreement can seem like extra steps that some people are not super excited about, so we keep our adoption fees at 50% or less of what the same horse would cost if you were purchasing to help encourage folks to take the extra time and go through the “adoption process.” The horses also come with honest¬†assessments, a goal to get them into the right home, current vetting, training and farrier care!

2. We have a Right Horse, Right Match guarantee, and this means, if the equine doesn’t end up working out, the horse just comes back to Heart of Phoenix. We will work with you to see if another horse within our organization would be a better fit.

3. If you or your child outgrow your horse in skill or size, no worries, because if you’ve been a great adopter and need to find another horse but aren’t able to afford multiple horses, you can rest assured your horse can come come back to HOP, and you are welcome to adopt a horse that works better for you.

4. If you lose your job or your income changes or your health declines, you never have to worry about what will happen to your adopted horse because our adoption agreement is patterned after the accepted “LEASE” concept in the horse world. Your horse always just comes back to Heart of Phoenix, and you know he will stay safe and find a new, suitable home.

5. If you need to return a horse to Heart of Phoenix, once that horse is adopted into his new home, you receive your adoption fee back!

6. Adoption doesn’t require fancy facilities, it allows you to board or keep the horse at your own property. It isn’t invasive . . . basically, adoption helps you figure out if you’re ready for another horse and what horse is a good match for you by putting a host of equine experts at your fingertips to HELP YOU!

7. Most people are so happy with their adoptive horse, returning the horse IS PRETTY RARE, and when it happens, it is usually due to a move or change income. It is rarely because the horse is not what the adopter expected.

8. Adopters are continually impressed with how MUCH Heart of Phoenix works to make adoption a GREAT OPTION for people in the horse world.

The Adoption Option: Why Adopting from a Horse Rescue May be Your Best Bet

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