In Summary, almost 400 people from across the USA responded over about 10 days to survey created by Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue.

The results are not primarily from rescue page followers, as HOP specifically shared this link on buy/sell classifieds and asked trainers and other industry professionals to share it widely.

As a result, the feedback is from a nice mix of people involved in the horse community at large.

Some of the most interesting portions of the survey, in our opinion, are that 95% of responding parties believe rescues must screen adopters, 4% believe in screening less than the average group and only 1% believe no screening should be provided. Next, though a bit over 50% believe adoptions would increase if adopters gain ownership eventually after adoption, over 70% of respondents believe Good Care alone is NOT enough to adoption approval, saying “trading or lack of experience” is good cause to decline adopters.

The MOST notable portion of the survey, which lines up with numerous blogs and posts from HOP over the years, is the single most important thing ANY rescue can do to increase adoptions is to “increase” HUMAN training, skill and knowledge!

Share and help rescuers get MORE HORSES into GOOD, Well equipped HOMES!