Soleil: FACE OFF Adoptable Horse Profile #HOPTEAMSOLEIL with Aubrey of Adkins Quarter Horses




  • Tennessee Walking Horse
  • 6-7 year old mare
  • 15hh (estimate)
  • 90 days of training with Aubrey Pyles of Adkins Quarter Horses
  • ADOPTION FEE starts at an opening bid of $500 on August 26th (Learn how to Apply and about the adoption auction here)

ALL FACE OFF horses come UTD on farrier care and vetting, as well as freshly out of extremely thorough training (that alone is worth thousands of dollars)

Her story

Soleil was a young mare living in deep manure and under a carport in mid 2016. She was entirely emaciated and without training. She was so weak upon pick up, we did wonder whether she would be able to even make the trip out of Mingo county, WV into the rescue. She shines like the sun, like her namesake, now, though. Please read her full story here.

Her training

Aubrey says that while “Soleil was not my first pick,” and though her main goal isn’t to win a competition but to make sure this training effort creates a “versatile, well adapted, adoptable partner,” she sees that Soleil couldn’t have been a better choice now. Aubrey says this mare has been “willing for every step we have taken, not saying we haven’t had bumps but always Willing! Tolerant of the shenanigans we put them through here at our farm to see what their limitations are and to see what type of rider they will be most suited for.” She says if you want a mare who wants to make her adopter happy, this is her! She says she is “Eager to please, and shows true heart in courage in the toughest situations, yet kind and forgiving for even the smallest of riders.” Soleil seems to know no bounds on how much she will give when asked.  She could easily go English or western, she “has a smooth gait and can go as slow or fast as you want. Her canter/lope still needs some work but gets better every ride. She has given a few lessons, been on trail rides, through a parade, and to two shows where she was shown by an amateur youth rider. She handled it all in stride and ribboned in every class.” Aubrey said at 70 days into training right now,  “she stops, backs, side passes, stands for mounting and discounting, loads, hauls, ties, good for farrier, vet work, loves to stand on our theraplate.” And best of all, this life long horsewoman and training ends with, “I can not say enough good things about her.”

Don’t miss out on this GEM!


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