I don’t know her whole story. We never will.

Her case was high profile. It took the Governor of West Virginia calling Harrison county, WV and demanding action be taken to save her and her gelding companion, Knox.

That was in the winter of 2014. We laid her to rest today. For most of her time in HOP, she was fostered by Sonora, and she was very dear to her foster mama.

She was sound and, though aged, lively as she could be. Not too long ago, while she was still waiting for a home, some lameness popped up and had started mean life quality was now in question.

This old mare was grand.

So very grand.

She had a tremendous amount of dignity.

And we would never have let the wonderful live she has been living with US for over two years end with her having to suffer again.

So she passed on today with her devoted caregiver with her and one of our kind vets by her side.

A special thank you to her full sponsor for the entire time she was with Heart of Phoenix: Tina of Florida. She made sure this mare had everything she ever needed and though she only met her recently in person, she impacted this horse’s life in an amazing way.

Scroll on to see Holly’s life with HOP in pictures, including her intake images.