A Foundered Miniature Horse Gets a Chance: Gibbs’ Story

Last week, we received an email from a lady in Roane County, West Virginia.

She said someone had dropped off a Miniature gelding while she wasn’t home in horrible condition. She felt she wasn’t able to tackle the rehabilitation of such an extreme case.

When she sent us a few photos, we immediately agreed to accept him. He clearly is going to need a lot of care.

Thankfully, Miniature Horses who have foundered to this extreme and been neglected afterward for years typically can recover, unlike a full size horse.

He is bright and cheerful, though we know this is very painful and does making walking very difficult.

We plan to take his adorable, uncared for little guy we’ve named Gibbs to Rood and Riddle next week. Costs will be high because we will need X-rays and will use a specialized farrier at the hospital to be sure this first trim does as well as possible.

Please donate to Gibbs’ care now HERE or mail a donation to Heart of Phoenix / PO BOX 81 / Shoals, WV 25562



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