UPDATE HERE: https://heartofphoenix.org/2016/10/31/mike-hurst-wv-horse-trainer-meets-paladin-for-a-one-day-training-demo/

When Trainer, Mike Hurst, offered to come down for the 4th Annual Heart of Phoenix  following his 2nd place finish at the nationally known Extreme Mustang Challenge, We were obviously thrilled!

We were able to see Mike working with this lovely Mustang mare earlier in the year during a Patrick King Clinic hosted by HOP, and we were so impressed with what he was doing with this mare he had pulled off a reservation only 6 days before.

Then recently, we went out to rescue a stallion who had been kept in a stall for years unhandled. He is around 10 years old, and he is not even halter trained. He doesn’t know about the most simple of man and equine interactions.

Paladin is a bit if a blank slate. He is friendly toward people, but he simply doesn’t know anything about being handled or work with at any level. He is willing to allow us to scratch or groom him a little at this point. He will accept a halter. That is it.

So, when Mike offered to come down during our show and do a DEMO or work with HOP horse for the crowd, I immediately thought of Paladin and how awesome it would be to use this time to show what an unhandled stallion can learn with the right approach even in a short time.

Paladin. . .


Meet Mike


We can’t think of a better start for you on your way to learning how to be someone’s partner. . .

Winfield Riding Arena in West Virginia on October 22nd, 2016

Around Noon, during the 4th Annual HOP show,

plan to attend to watch this Demo with Paladin.

Also, Mike will be offering private lessons before and after, so email us

today to get more information: Equinerescue@live.com

Hotels within a few miles of the show:
Red Roof Inn Charleston West – Hurricane, WV   Address: 500 Putnam Village Dr, Hurricane, WV 25526 Phone:(304) 757-6392
Holiday Inn Express Winfield – Teays Valley   Address: 941 WV-34, Hurricane, WV 25526 Phone:(304) 757-7177
Hampton Inn Winfield/Teays Valley   Address: 511 WV-34, Hurricane, WV 25526 Phone:(304) 760-7292