We are always blown away by how both Long time volunteers and new people seeking to give back step in and up to accomplish the tasks at hand at Heart of Phoenix.

We know many must believe much of this work revolves around petting and playing with the pretty horses, but truly, most of the work is behind the scenes, clean up, toil, labor and involves a lot of manure and dirt.

But it changes lives. It saves them. It prepares an organization to be here year after year helping humans through helping horses.

We cannot thank you enough because the number of equine and human lives you touch is sometimes beyond what we even realize. It is of such scope and value, and we hope YOU ALL KNOW what your effort means, be it daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or even a one time long trip to give it your best for a day.

You are all amazing.

Today one huge crew, many 1st time volunteers, came out and gave it their all for hours and hours cleaning out stalls for storage, weed eating all over, putting in fencing, picking up all the final loose boards and wood about the land, cleaning out Paladin’s pasture, putting in a new loft for hay, cleaning out cob webs. . .

This was so vital because of typical event crew was running a large Health and Gelding clinic an hour away. Both events were going on during the same hours, far apart and were fully supported with enough man power to accomplish MASSIVE things.

WOW! Just wow, folks.

Thank you to each and every person who worked at Mulligan Farm today, and a special thanks to Texas Road House of Clarksburg in West Virginia for your hard working crew that came down from 2 hours away or more!


(The volunteers even stopped to love on a stray that just showed up. . .how fitting)