A blind Orphaned Miniature Filly is saved and given a new Future when everything before her had seemed so bleak

Little Arrived in the Late Summer of 2015 in Heart of Phoenix in truly critical condition

She was around 8 weeks old, had her mother sold at auction and had been born with a painful condition where her eyelids were inverted, so her lashes grew into her eyes. She was entirely blind and in horrible pain. She was very thin, and she also suffered from a condition that would not allow her to sweat, as well as being very down in the pasterns from poor nutrition.

We were not sure she could be saved and have a high quality of life, but because being blind was all she has know from birth, as we watched her, knowing how very small she would be, we had reason to hope she could adapt. We took her to Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. Rood and Riddle is known world wide for offer the highest standard of care possible to equines. They felt she could be saved and have the life quality we expect for our horses.

After surgery to remove both of her painful eyes, Dr. Hopper and family approached us about adoption. The couple’s children had fallen in love with her, as had much of the staff while she was there recovering.

She was adopted, and she lives “THE LIFE” in Kentucky with the Hoppers. She even has her own stall in their basement for when her condition (which is improving as she ages, too)  of not being able to sweat (Anhidrosis) makes her body temperature too high.

As you see in the very last video on this page from just yesterday, she has an amazing life. Not a compromised life, but a full and very happy life!


This is why our work and your donations matter so very much here in Appalachia! Please consider a donation now if this story touched you to make sure we continue doing rescues like this for many years to come.


Little Almost One Year Later

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