December 16 -31, 2015

Margarita recovering and wearing some her gifts from fabulous donors! Here she is out with her dam, Sangria.

Dec. 16


Texas enjoying the sun. She’s been happy in her adoptive home for 4 years.

Violet and Mikey saw Dr. Walker from theEwuine Medical Center. Violet has a grade three heart murmur, which isn’t surprising. She is about 7 years old. Mikey is 5-6.

This big guy is doing wonderful in his home!


Why this adorable little fellow doesn’t have a home in the works is beyond us! Just look at that face!

Emmy’s blood work came back and is relatively normal.

Holly and Calli looking perky for a trail ride!

Fresh is getting in the groove with working with Susan Sunday!

Rudy having a nap at his foster home.

‘Rita was less than thrilled about wearing a hat. lol

Calli met her potential adopter!

One of our recent take ins. She’s been through a lot but we’re going to take good care of her.


Lovely adopted Ferris!



Cute guy working with his adopter!

Merry Christmas Alfie, Arizona, and Ansley!

It looks like this little mini will be coming to HOP on Christmas Day thanks to Amanda and Angela.

A lovely shot from Rowan and Buttercup’s adopter!

One of our amazing volunteers!

Our intake on Christmas, Gabriel.


Splenda will be adopted on the 30th! Today she was branded with HOP’s freeze brand.

Violet with a much softer eye than when she arrived.

Mikey. He and violet are already doing so much better! They are two of the most severe cases we’ve seen here at HOP.

It was 75 degrees today so Gabriel got a bathe to remove all the manure and mud covering his small body.

Compadre at intake and now 8 weeks after.

Roxi is sure doing great under the kind care of her foster family!


Zaam and Memphis are doing wonderful in the facility where their adopters board them. Volunteer, Dorella, got to see them when she checked on Roxi who is also being fostered there.

Willow is an absolute knock out with so much promise.

Splenda has been adopted! Which gives us room to bring in Bugg, an owner surrender. His owners are being forced to move suddenly and have asked HOP to find their dear Bugg a safe home.

Sangria looking lovely!

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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