Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue wants to give Every Horse we Possibly Can

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue wants to give Every Horse we Possibly Can a Happily Ever After because ALL Horses Deserve to be part of a Fairytale.

But we cannot Do it without You!

Right now, we believe the time is right to grow. The volunteer base is there, the foster base is growing. We are solid and here for the long term.

And the need has NEVER been greater.

What we need are our dedicated supporters to step up and decide now is the time to become a monthly sponsor. Now is the time to make that one time gift you have been thinking about. Now is the time to consider whether that long time monthly gift already helping this cause of $5 is ready to become $10.

You see it everywhere if you are a horse lover; we do not need to tell you how massive the need for the work we do is at this time.

While we know that we cannot take in every horse in need, we are certain with your amazing support, we can expand our reach.

Not only is now the time to solidify the ability to hold 30 plus horses, it is also the time to offer programs to continue supporting owners with temporary financial needs, hosting more needed medical and gelding clinics and offering more training for new horses owners and animal control officers.

Our reach to HELP the horses and equine community only Extends are Far as you allow it, so please
Step up today and reach out!


Mail a Donation Check to:
Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC
PO box 81 Shoals, WV 25562

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