West Virginia Animal Control Equine Training


This innovative clinic for our area was offered FREE to county officials, animal control officers, sheriffs, deputies and others working in equine cases last year, and it will be offered in May 2016, as well.
This class is approved for in service hours in West Virginia.
The topics covered are
1. Equine Body Language
2. The neglect of the Hoof – Jim Dodson with 50 years of farrier experience
3. Body Scoring, Common excuses from the owner, Re-feeding, What defines Neglect
4. How HOP can Help ACOs and the counties
5. Safe Ground handling, haltering
6. Dr. Gravelle, equine vet with Brown Vet Service: Equine Neglect from a vet’s standpoint
7. Safe trailering
8. Catching the hard to approach horse
This day class had an amazing respons last year from all over West Virginia and was greatly needed, and the event received amazing feedback.
Each county left with a binder of the covered information and many resources, as well.
The clinic will be offered again in May 2016
If you believe this type of work is vital to rescue efforts and innovative, please consider a donation or becoming a monthly sponsor at:http://www.wvhorserescue.org/donate.html

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