Safe Halters Use


Halters are one of the most useful pieces of equipment that a horse owner has. A horse spends much of its life wearing one. But used improperly, a halter can be a dangerous thing.

Horses are often turned loose in their fields still wearing their halters. It happens everyday without any consequences and makes a horse so much easier to catch. Very often a horse owner is unaware of the inherent dangers in this scenario. Most halters sold in local stores are the traditional,nylon kind. These are very strong and take a tremendous and catastrophic amount of pressure to break.

Many owners are not even cognizant of the fact that another kind exists, or why it could be important. Anyone who has had horses for very long knows that if they can get themselves into a predicament, they will! Over its lifetime, a horse will often dream up situations that you never even knew were possible!

So what can you do, since wrapping a horse in bubble wrap is pretty impractical?

You can invest in a breakaway halter. We have put together a short video demonstrating the different types of those available, and it is even possible to make one yourself.
In this album, we have included two graphic photos to show how non breakaway halters can ruin your horse.

Out of courtesy, we did not post the photo of the horse who broke its neck when its halter became entangled on a tree branch.

We also did not include the photo of the horse whose entire face had been peeled away when it was in a trailer accident wearing a rope halter.

Rope halters were designed as training tools, and WERE NEVER INTENDED FOR THE HORSE TO BE WEARING IF THE HUMAN IS NOT RIGHT THERE WITH THEM. Though trailer accidents do not happen to the average horse owner very often, they are a very real possibility. A horse should always be wearing a breakaway halter when being trailered to give it the best chance of a good outcome should an unfortunate accident occur.

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