Saddle Fit

Continuing our goal of educating and empowering horse owners….
We get calls from owners who are needing to re-home their horse because the horse is too much for them. Sometimes we hear about the horse’s uncontrollable bucking problem.
What people fail to take into consideration is how their equipment fits their horse. Many, many times the saddle is causing such pain that the horse has resorted to bucking. (and then “YAY” the saddle gets removed)
Sophia, who is 2nd picture below, bears the scars of an ill fitting saddle.
If a person is savvy, this problem can be identified before it leads to scarring. First there will be abnormal dry spots where your saddle was. Then the hair pigment will start to disappear, followed by the area becoming hairless. Finally, in the harshest stage, there will be a saddle sore.
This is an excellent video showing all of the places where a saddle can go wrong.

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