December 13 – 21, 2014

Congrats to Honey and Caity for their championship win in Boyd County, WV today. Caity ‘ s family adopted Honey in 2011

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I don’t think I can explain how thrilled these two were to have salt and minerals this afternoon!


Rudy!!!! (somebody should snatch this awesome lil fella up!)

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Going through the millions (not joking, quite literal) of photos on my PC tonight at nearly 3 am trying to make a 2014 list of horses HOP has rescued this year, I came across this photo of Turner the day his foster, Michelle, picked him up. I cannot remember who took this. I think it would have been the people who transported him. He had not been named and the likelihood he could be saved was so poor, I simply saved this photo as: Ponyh. I have no idea what that H was in there for.

Ponyh became Turner and quite a miracle.

His story is one you simply cannot miss.

Please consider purchasing the Children’s book the rescue has published based on his story in a creative way:

(2nd photo is Turner fully rehabbed at our last fundraiser show. He was reunited with his Foster momma, Michelle)

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Jake is having his tube removed and has begun to eat hay and pass it! They are optimistic that he will be able to be started on grain soon!

Rood and Riddle is very pleased with his progress

(this is an old but lovely picture of him)



This little pony was rescued by HOP almost two weeks ago with the grey QH filly from a trader around Chillicothe, Ohio.

She and the filly ran through Sugarcreek, according to the coggins each of them came with, in October.

These intake photos we had posted before of this little pony do NOT show you her true condition. It was even worse in person.

We networked her and the filly to a private rescuer in Kentucky we have worked with before. She made the kind offer to rehab them and train them. They were basically unhandled, and not halter broke, etc, and we had a large number of horses in need coming to us all at once.

We transported them to her a few days ago.

Unfortunately, Cami was humanely put down tonight.

Her condition was beyond hope, and she had gone into kidney failure. Morgan’s vet found that she was actually 16 years old or so, and her body showed a lifetime of horrific starvation. Her teeth had actually broken down to the tiny teeth I briefly saw, from eating what the vet assumed was a lot of bark and rock over years of time. She said there was also an infection in the mouth that had gone into the bone.

This is heartbreaking. The vet felt that unless we had found her several months ago, the condition was not one that could have been rehabilitated given the extent of the infection and damage to her organs..

On the wave of hearing such good news about Jake today, I am heartbroken to have heard about this little soul that no one ever loved or took care of in the16 years before now, and now was too late for her.

She will, at least, never see another auction yard or ever suffer again. God rest her little body and carry her somewhere that she will know peace at last.

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Lovely updated photo of Marlee!

See her rescue here:


Some Amazing Auction items a supporter is selling to help HOP! Check these out!

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Our vet with Jake earlier.

He has taken a turn for the worse.

Sadly, it seems, as some mentioned before he came back to us from Rood and Riddle, recovering from from enteritis is not a quick or certain thing. Jake, who has lost so much condition at this point, will not be put through more days with a tube in, on an IV only, etc. We are monitoring him and staying in touch with the vet. If he starts to go downhill tonight, he has fought long enough and asking more of him, for us, would be inhumane. We pray things turn around. He deserves that. If not, we will be with him and not allow continued suffering.


Wynn and Pecos  in their adoptive home

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Spicy with her whole, entire, adoptive family!


Holly and Knox today. They are doing very well!

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Thank you so much for your continued support!

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