December 1 – 12, 2014

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Messy lil Lettie. . .

She has put on a tremendous amount of weight in 3 weeks! Her rain rot is much improved and nearly gone. The first photo is 3 days ago. The next three are the day after intake in early November.

Her uveitis was causing her a lot of pain when we brought her into rescue, as well, and though with treatment, it is doing better, we suspect she will need to have the eye removed to get total, long term relief.

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The horses incoming tomorrow.

Shockingly, we had to pay 210 dollars to buy them from the trader.

These are clearly very bad

1 of the 2 is coming on to HOP; one goes to a private Ky rescue

If you can donate, Lord knows it will be well used. Wvhorserescue.Org and click donate

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HOP’s success stories for 2014 for
Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue

As of December 2nd, 2014 (From January 1st, 2014)


Miss Em
Ruth (Hope Reins)
Naomi (Hope Reins)
Sparky (Morgan Safenet)
Ariel (rest in peace)
Sawyer (rest in peace)
Ginny; Elderly donkey (rest in peace)
Misty and in utero foal (Peace for Ponies)
Marlee (Peace for Ponies)
“Absolute Tough Talk” / Stitch
Jake Fiddy
“A Spot Above” /Neo
Relic (rest in peace)
Woody (networked Birch Hill)
Rainer (rest in peace)
Shania (foal placed with Raiderhollow Farm-adopted)
Reba (foal placed with Raiderhollow Farm)
Incoming Black Mare
Takimi (networked to Raiderhollow Farm)


Miss Em

There are many others we’ve networked without bring into HOP, and we are so thankful to be able to help horses into safe homes and rescue even when we are too far away or too full to help directly!


The Gala space was decorated beautifully today thanks to Sonora, Janet (a good friend of Sonora’s). Stephanie P and my teenage son.

Can’t wait to see the 50 plus we expect tomorrow.

While it is a sold out dinner, ANYONE is welcome to purchase the after meal tickets AT THE DOOR tomorrow in Huntington for prizes, meet and greet, slideshow and awards and dancing from 8-11pm!

The HOP Gala was a Huge Success, excellent fundraiser and really was a wonderful night for our hard working volunteers!

Susan Sunday ROCKED getting items for our Silent Auction! That was a HUGE hit! I will get a list of those who donated items to her and thank them in another post asap!

Waddell’s Recycling sponsored the DJ (DJ Express did a great job)

K’s Sweet Shop catered the event, and the food was, by all, considered SPOT ON

The Enchanted Bath for donating lovely party favors!

Dave Moske was a fabulous bartender!

All around amazing time! Can’t wait to do it again NEXT YEAR!

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Continuing with the 24 HOP Horse Videos of Christmas:

The story of Memphis…

A photo of Moon from her foster today. . .with the photo she added “I am head over heels in love. I can’t see her ever leaving here.”

I didn’t think she ever would 
I think that we can finally say her long journey is over and she knows it.

She is due in about 4 weeks


We got an emergency call about this poor horse a bit ago in Lincoln County from Animal Control. We have to find a way to haul him/her to us tomorrow

The injured leg on the horse coming through animal control tomorrow from Lincoln Co wv

16783_882832621748034_2375075497913879793_n 10858468_882832608414702_8434457250278386330_n

Calli takes some awkward photos, usually. These are better than most.

She is a quiet girl. QH type. About 10 years old. She is reserved but loving and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She needs more confidence. She is broke to ride, but she seems green.

About 14.1-14.2hh.

$400 fee

10409149_882903365074293_1626385772393142416_n 10849819_882903375074292_6212351150916220670_n

Sweet Grace will be adoptable soon.

She has come SUCH A LONG WAY! The second photo is a before rescue shot from summer.

She is kind, sweet and SO loving. She is about 15hh. She is a STB/SB cross, we think. She is 6-7 years old. She is green broke to ride.

10501712_882904015074228_6587322811701680475_n 10847997_882903858407577_5846569512039605402_n

And so it was, after the rounds were made, these pitiful souls WILL come here after all.

The sheriff called us today to ask. We will head tomorrow when they will allow us on sight to move them.

The condition, considering there is some degree of winter coat there, is beyond horrifying.

We will scramble and squeeze them in, and take advantage of the folks that work with us holding just ONE more for now. We are glad we are able to offer this care to these two.

These horses require care that only an experienced equine rescue team can offer, and we are glad we can make sure they get the RIGHT CARE. We know lots of private folks expressed interest in helping, and while well intended, that would likely have been a death sentence to horses in this condition. We are glad the county has done the right thing by the horses.

This puts us at much higher numbers than we’ve ever had before, and the one horse incoming today from a seizure in Lincoln can barely walk (unrelated to these two).

We are being quite serious when we say, PLEASE consider, if you have never before felt compelled do so, Donate:

1. Mail a Donation Check to: Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC
PO box 81 Shoals, WV 25562

2. Donate Via Paypal:

Everyone was in a tizzy saying to SEIZE the horses! Seize the horses. . .but now that is going to happen, they will be brought to rescue, let the MANY thousands who made sure to call and raise enough noise to get that action not forget, that is JUST A TINY part of saving them. They still have to be rehabbed, retrained and homes found. That will be many, many months in the making

Remember, we are a 501(c)3 organization and the donations are tax deductible.

10475514_883098138388149_3642082813225775131_n 10849964_883098111721485_7580602274886928109_n

This girl, Noel, came from Lincoln county, WV today.

We appreciate the ACO working so well with us to get her safe.

She was thinner than the original photos made her seem, but she isn’t bad compared to most this time of year.

The back leg is a mess. She went straight to Equine Medical Center to stay through Monday to be evaluated to see what is causing the swelling and horrific lameness.

She appears very loving, she is a good sized mare and looks like a TWH.


Arizona had a session with a person more familiar with mules today! He had several new techniques to show those that are working on her rehabilitation and was very successful in the hour he worked with her!

His assessment…”Someone has sure done a job on this mule but she is smart and will come around.”

Little Arizona has made so much progress already even though she has really and truly been traumatized. We are encouraged that she responded so positively to someone she did not even know!

(Oh and he says she has about the best conformation he has seen on a mule in a long time! Even in miniature!)


Headed out this frosty morning to load one Haflinger mare and three highly uncooperative youngsters to finish our parts of their rescue story. We have a long trip ahead. Susan and Amanda will head another direction to pick up the sad souls from Harrison county to bring to HOP. WE WILL all be waiting to hear the vet’s assessment of Noel, the very lame mare from yesterday’s rescue today.

Intake 12/12/14…

1743535_883953801635916_2204082683247976745_n 1908122_883953768302586_3515562712608532576_n 10300110_883953771635919_8001948835820836824_n 10846370_883953774969252_7337948178546444927_n

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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