September 8, 2014

A Soul Felt Thank you from Me 🙂

Watch goofy Jake and me, and then
Click this link to vote:

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC is holding onto first place as of this post!

KEEP Heart of Phoenix in the lead. This is so important!

PLEASE help us win this! So many rescues are deserving, but we ARE the only group that serves a need no other organization in the entire STATE helps.

We are the state’s only 501(c)3 Horse rescue.

Please VOTE and Share each day until the 15th! Get us back in the lead and keep us there!

Thank you!

How many awesome PHOTOS can I capture with Sonora, our board member and our rescue horses?

This is Jake, pulled from auction just a few days ago.

Want to help us save more like him?

Click this link to vote: to help us win $10,000 from Tractor Supply!

 — with Sonora Winds.


Doesn’t he look thrilled?!?!

Well, I do, at least!

Have you voted today?


We had the wild boys out today. . .

I’m not going to lie to you, they were a bit wild. Neo was a superstar on the trail, but a wild man indoors. Stitch was a wild man on the trail, but a superstar inside. We can’t have is all every single time. We lived and got the T-shirts, though.

Stitch and the new auction pull, Neo. — with Amanda Terry.


This guy is gorgeous.

Meet Neo. . .outside of the auction pen!

While he has a reputation, and he is a handful, he was a good guy for his rider today, once he was out of the barn.


How is it possible this guy seriously looks like he has piled on pounds in just a few days since coming in from auction?

((Note, after all the rescues we’ve done, we know this is hydration. It is a rhetorical question  ))


I’m so pleased to announce Boone and Bettie will go to their new home on the 14th of this month.

We are over the moon for both of them!!! — with Will Lisa Allomong.

Marlee wanted to lay it out in black and white! She says to remind every one to vote every day and we can win this thing in two shakes of a pony’s tail! — with Rose Crossposter Njnypa Bee and 49 others.

For educational purposes….What is your opinion of this hoof? See comments below for further information on this hoof. Not A HOP horse – for educational purposes only.

Update below in comment so those who commented can see if they were correct:

Again for educational purposes, this is what a healthy barefoot hoof looks like from the bottom view. Note the differences in the concavity between the first hoof and the second. A hoof should have a natural cup to it although there are flat footed horses who are perfectly sound. For information on healthy hooves, click this link.
Warning-The testimony provided in this video may be too much for some people to hear and the USDA has added relevant photos which are graphic. People always talk about the eye injuries they observe in the holding pens. This video sheds light on where some of those probably came from. This is why horse slaughter is NOT an acceptable solution for horse problems.
Thank you so much for your continued support!

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