July 6-9, 2014

This before photo is actually one week AFTER rescue. Boone is doing So well in his weight gain! We surely love to see that! — with Nicky Walters and 3 others.

Boone with HOP board member and his foster momma, Sonora — with Sonora Winds.

What a pretty head Boone has

(pictured with HOP president, Tinia) — with Tinia Creamer.

Willie met a possible adopter today We are thinking this may end up a perfect match!

Full Name: Be Boppin Wynn
Age: 9 years
Gender: Gelding
Height: 17.1hh +
Color: Chestnut
Adoption Fee: $500
Breed: TB
Video: Yes

Wynn has a lovely way of moving and will make a TERRIFIC dressage horse!! He is well broke but is a lot of momentum under saddle and will therefore not be suitable for a basic, beginner rider. Wynn is very friendly and a people oriented giant. You can see his beautiful motion in his videos!!! Wynn will not be adopted to a home for an eventing or cross country home. He is suitable for Show Jumping. He also seems to enjoy the trail!

HOP alum, Lola and her adopter today when volunteers Nicky and Dorella went to visit — with Maria L. Moles.


Hope to see YOU there this Saturday!

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Check out the amazing job Raven and her mom, Suzanna, are doing with Alfie!!

Full Name: Alfie
Age: 6 years
Gender: Gelding
Height: 13.2hh
Color: Black / Tri
Adoption Fee: $350
Breed: TWH/Welsh
Video: Yes

He is a very regal, handsome guy! He is now gelded. He is personable and willing! Very smart guy right here! He does gait in the field, but he has a lovely extended trot, as well.

He has been started undersaddle and is doing so well. He will be suitable for an advanced beginner shortly.
His fee is $350

Boone meets a possible adopter for later on once he is ready to go to a new home in a few months

It is almost impossible to believe this boy has made so much progress in such a short time. . . this guy is going to be a tank when rehabbed totally!


Some amazing news for 3 HOP horses –

Clover, Willie and Teddy all go to their new homes this weekend!!!!

This is just epic! I love this little Pony so much!

Wynn’s before and after – I sure wish you could see under the Before photo’s winter coat. . .as it hid so much. — with Susan Sunday.

Willie will go to his new family this coming weekend! This is such a lovely match for this boy.

Nicky and Dorella have given him 2 months of dedicated training and love, and he has clearly come so very far! It is time for him to go to a forever home and learn that. . .forever more. . .people will be kind to him. Forever more. — with Nicky Walters and Dorella Conner Tuckwiller.


Butterscotch is located in Grafton, WV – She is CAE positive and while she can be with other goats as this is transmitted from White blood cells to white blood cells, she must be in a pet / sanctuary type home only. She cannot be anywhere there is a chance she will be bred. She has no symptoms of CAE at this time. No fee.

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue is trying to build a large, reputable database of rescues nationwide that are 501(c)3 organizations. These organizations would need to be willing to rescue feral mine horses seized through a legal process from West Virginia reclaimed mine sites. The groups would need to be able to send volunteers to the state and help with capture of each horse. Each organization would receive at least $1,500 (possibly $2,000) per horse accepted from West Virginia land corporations. This would need to be a committed, long term event. Accepting more than 1 or 2 at a time is preferred, but those able to accept only one at a time will be considered.

Heart of Phoenix is working to get this working as a nationwide program for West Virginia feral mine horses with funding already in place. The number of horses in need is in the thousands. It will be years in the work to solve this horrible problem.

The funding per horse may be slight more than $1,500. This ONLY applies to 501(c)3 organizations able to provide a tax deduction.

We appreciate the proactive approach of the Land Corporations who are willing to help work on a solution.

Please note, these photos have come to HOP through 2011-2014. Please do not ask what happened to particular horses, as we have no way to know. These are harsh images, but this can be fate of domestic horses turned out in inhospitable land where a large portion of the year there is little to eat and no biological instinct to protect and guide them without human care.

Thank you, Cindy at CVHR for the graphic design.


$1,000 REWARD! On June 6th, my puppy, DeauxB (Doby), was stolen by a Minden, West Virginia (formerly of Radford, VA), foster for rescue group Australian Shepherds Furever—she was supposed to be boarding DeauxB for me for one month. He may have since been sold or adopted out and could be anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

Please help me find him and bring him home — SHARE THIS POST!

NOTICE — If you’ve adopted or treated this puppy be aware that he was stolen. He was not yet neutered or chipped as of June 6th. He was also due for his third/final round of puppy vaccinations (DAPP, Lyme, etc.), heartworm, and flea/tick preventative this past week. I only had him six weeks and am very concerned for his safety and welfare. Thank you!

DeauxB photos and info at http://www.deauxb.org/

Worth a read and a share. People always look to blame to horse, and trust me. . .when that happenes. . .it is really your fault.

A “let’s sell some rescue shirts” type selfie. The new design is in! Pink, light blue, tan and light mint. $15 plus $3 shipping http://www.wvhorserescue.org/fundraisers.html

Check out Scarlett ‘ s story shared on a page with 2.7 millions folks

Scarlett’s story was posted on ilovedogs.tv 5 hours ago – they have 2.7 million followers, and it has been shared over 2,300 times since then and liked by over 7,000 people!

Her story is so worth hearing and seeing.


Hope to see YOU there this Saturday!

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This boy – I love him so! He has an amazing home in his future — with Jim Gerchow.

Scarlett’s story on yet another blog today – let’s hope it goes viral.

Watch This Amazing Horse’s Transformation – From Nearly Dead to Healthy and Happy!

Beauty and HOP alum, Amber, in their adoptive home

Looking for a home for a 3 yo pinto stallion. Fully vetted except for gelding (adopter must geld) & super sweet – no further info due to him being an abandonment case. If interested please call Raleigh County Humane Soc at 304.253.8921


Miss Em and Moon in their adoptive home a few days ago

Scarlett’s video on youtube is over 216,000 views!

What a gorgeous rehab for Ellie (almost through – a bit to go yet), but remember. . .look close as the before is in full winter coat, but her rib shelf and spine are very visible, as are her sunken hips in the before.

After far too many shaky, poor quality videos showcasing the rescues not really to par with cell phones and digital camera video options, we’ve ordered a nice HD Camcorder. This means Much better video, and it also means I plan to start doing a LOT more for our Youtube channel to be shared here to allow Donors and followers to REALLY feel like you’re part of this work!

Remember Kaya? This boy was the blind in one eye TWH gelding headed to Sugarcreek when we were alerted a few weeks back. We were full, but when we posted, a friend and adopter of ours was able to pick up and hold when HOP paid his cost. We found Kaya a home with Marie K. in Ill , and she made the 9 hour trip today to his rescuer’s house (Deb P) in WV. Now he has a HOME!! — with Deborah Pennington.

Beautiful Snow (middle White Perch mare) – how thankful we were there that night at the filthy Cattletburg auction to save her life and see her placed into such an amazing sanctuary.
Something has certainly caught their eye

And her story continues to be shared all over right now – amazing!

Have some free time? Check out the rescue horses stories in video on our youtube channel

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Society is so misguided, so broken. . .

A man makes a GO Fund me page and get over $30,000 donated to make potato salad, and I’m looking at a hard working rescue in Indiana saving the lives of seized livestock and horses recently that didn’t even get a single response on a posting of a $300 vet bill they need help with.

And I ask. . .

as I do so often. . .

What is WRONG in the minds of people that we could allow that to happen.

Thank you so much for your continued support!
Please consider making a donation to Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, Inc. so that we may continue to save the horses that need us.

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