April 12, 2014

We have decided to bring this girl into rescue. I don’t want her to have to risk running through an auction, so Sunday, she will arrive in rescue. Please consider giving at this time to help us with this effort – it grows ever larger and only with your help do we continue!





Buckshot is headed to his adoptive home!






Check out Tara!!





Ol Bettie still needs some Weight, but she is feeling great!





Remember this little gal? The bred, roach backed little pony is headed to rescue! Thank you Carolyn Sanders for saving her!!!! So glad she was able get her safe –https://www.facebook.com/Friends Of Sand Stone Farm’s Rescue Effort 501c3 Equine Rescue





This little Chihuahua and her sister need homes – PLEASE share





Clover – finally a really nice photo of this gal. She is meandering along at her own pace, that is for sure!





Pretty little Kismet today!






Our volunteer, Suzanna, will be holding and transporting these nurse mare foals and two more next weekend to Lilly Pond for rescue. Sad that they are created as a disposable product in such large numbers, but I am thankful rescues work hard to save so many
“BRITTA” and “PIPPA” will be coming to stay with us on Saturday for 6 days! Britta is 7 days old and Pippa is 5. They will be adopted out through Lilly Pond Foal Rescue. Hopefully, two boys will join them before we leave for WV! These are sadly nurse mare foals. Their mommas were taken away from them to feed much more valuable Thoroughbred foals. A sad practice indeed.
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Thank you so much for your continued support!

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