April 11, 2014

Heart of Phoenix works to save horses like Alfie, who come to us frequently suffering from long term abuse and starvation.

We cover the entire state of West Virginia, as well as the border areas of Kentucky and Ohio.

We are currently the only 501(c) equine rescue actively covering these areas, and the financial burden is heavy.

We want to grow and see More Horses SAVED.

We can do that only with your help.

Make a commitment today to be Part of this greatly needed effort.

Please do not feel what you can give is not enough. Be it $5 dollars month, it is $5 we can count on toward the care of these animals.

You can easily set up monthly auto paypal donations for $5, $10, $25 a month or any amount you are able to give. Out of the many thousands of people who visit both this page and the Director’s Lucas Farm page, if everyone purposed $5 or more dollars a month to save this impoverished area’s horses, we could do SO MUCH MORE!

Visit the website to learn how athttp://www.wvhorserescue.org/donate.html





Thank you so much for your continued support!

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