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Saving the Horses of Appalachia . Please Visit the Website at WVhorseRescue.org

Introduction to Adoption


Introduction to Adoption

This process can take 1-4 weeks depending on MANY factors.

Only Approved Adopters may visit the facilities unless the rescue is hosting an event.

Read ALL of the Contract, Adoption Terms and Application well before applying.

Foster Horse Locations
Huntington, WV – Ashland, Ky – Hamlin, WV – St. Albans, WV – Alum Creek, WV – Canmer, Ky – Grayson, Ky – Franklin Furnance, Oh

We typically will not consider adoption of more than two HOP or two rescue horses to any one location. The reason for this policy is that should a facility close, encounter financial difficulty or need to place rescue / HOP horses rapidly for any unexpected reason, the rescue would be under strain to remove a larger number of horses from one farm.


Adoptes may fill the PDF Application online, save and upload via email to equinerescue@live.com

But Adopters must print out and sign the Contract is approved to adopt before or on Adoption day to deliver in person or via mail signed.
An application (HERE) must be filled out outline and emailed or mailed. Screening is conducted and an approval by our Board of Directors is required.
A visit will be arranged and the adopter selects a horse (HERE) .
THE Contract (HERE) is signed that assures the horse will be given a great standard of care and kept safe through its life.

Photo requirements before and after adoption


A) You MUST make sure your references expect to hear from us.

B) We do not repeatedly call references. After an attempt, they will be expected to call us back.

C) There are not substitutions for a vet and farrier reference if you currently own horses

D) An application, even if approved, may not mean the horse of your choice is a good fit.

E) Adoptions are made when the best match possible is found for a HOP Horse.
Applications will fall into 3 categories. Most applications will fall into Type 1 or Type 2 and a few will, unfortunately, be classified as Type 3.

Type 1 is an approved applicant. They are in compliance with all of the board’s requirement for adoption. This adopter is able to adopt as soon as a suitable match in the rescue is found.

Type 2 is an applicant that will receive a Compliance sheet. This will shows areas where the applicant needs to work on to be in compliance with the rescue’s adoption requirements. These areas may pertain to the barn facility, reference list and/or additional equine experience. This applicant can chose to stay in contact with the rescue and work with us to become an approved adopter in time.

Type 3 is an applicant we believe isn’t well suited to adoption through Heart of Phoenix. There are many reasons why the board may arrive at this decision; however, once made, the decision is final. Anyone filling out the application agrees to never harass or make demeaning remarks about Heart of Phoenix based on the rescue’s decision on an application.

Our goal is a life long home, so you can be assured that we want you to find the right horse for you!
We will try to match horse and rider as best we can to assure a forever home for the horse. That is our main concern!

Our time is limited as we are all volunteer operated. Please do not submit an application until you are reasonably certain you are dedicated to the idea of adoption. Make sure you can either supply transport or afford to hire reputable transport for your adoptive horse.

Applications take time to process. We try to make sure they are processed within 2 weeks, but reality can mean a longer wait time. Vet, farriers and other references frequently take quite some time to return phone calls, and our volunteers have to budget application processing into their daily lives. Please be patient!

We have in our credit over 180 HORSES rescued and/or PLACED and counting! These came from owners unable to continue caring for their horses, rescuers unable to screen homes, seizures and directly from Heart of Phoenix!

Helpful information for the potential Adopter

Our adoption fees are usually as follows (exceptions exist for various reasons):

$400 and up for Well trained horse that are sound or highly adoptable horses due to breed, temperament, etc

$300-350 for Broke to ride Horses that are either green, have minor health issues or advanced age.

$200-200 – Unbroke horses, very senior or very young horses

$150 for horses and minis that are pasture companions only or not undersaddle

The fee includes:

Rescue expenses preparing our horses for adoption are much greater than our fees could possibly cover. Donations are needed to assure we continue our efforts to rescue dogs.

The fee includes:
Board for an average of 4-6 months
Dental float ($100 and up)
Current coggins ($30)
Basic vaccinations ($20)
Vet exam
Farrier care every 4-8 weeks ($30 per trim)
Evaluation to make certain the horses gets the right rider and home
One on one training for horses that will benefit from it
Gelding, if needed
Medications, if needed, the horse has needed prior to adoption
AN ASSURANCE of the adopter that the horse they adopt has a team behind him or her that will work with the adopter every step of the way to be sure the adoptive horse is a good fit for you – THE ADOPTER!

Photo requirements before and after adoption

We are a 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization, so please remember that your adoption fee is only a very small portion of what it costs to care for that horse or pony from rescue through adoption.

One thought on “Introduction to Adoption

  1. Hello, im interested in the foster form, and possibly adopt a horse. I have 3 fields. Two are barb wire, however the wire is not low enough for a horse to step over, and it does not hang loose. The other field has a wood fence and currently hold 3 other horses in it. (35acres).
    ALL have barns/run-ins, grass, fresh hay, and horses will be grained twice a day.

    My farrier-740-222-4393(Austin Stevens)
    My Vet- 740-286-8035 (valerie Anderson)…Last time she was out it was to put my paint mare down because of EPM.
    I have not managers or trainers other than my mother helps me tend to these horses. 740-222-3742(Lorrie Thornsberry) *We share a phone number* She may not answer due to a sickness with my papal.


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