Returning an Adopted Horse

Sometimes adoptions can’t work forever, and we understand.

Sometimes an adopter has lost a job, a child has lost interest, health situations arise or a horse just isn’t a fit.

Adoption protects the horse, and that’s a HUGE relieve, we know!

Adoption also protects you and your family. The burden of “what happens to the horse” isn’t one you need to bear. We are so thankful Heart of Phoenix stands behind our adopters and horses in times like these and more.

So if the time comes a horse needs to come back to the rescue, just message us at or on FB, or text/call 304-784-4061.

While most adopters do not want the amount refunded of $600 mentioned in the contract returned by the rescue (we do offer $800 in some cases, to help adopters) when a horse is returned in the condition they were adopted in, we ABSOLUTELY do offer this when an adopted requests without an issue.

Sometimes, adopters have requested ownership statements. In these cases, the contractual agreement remains in place for the life of the horse, so all adopted horses do always come back to us, or we do allow instances, if the adopter can continue great care for an extended duration at their cost, adopters to keep an adopted horse until an approved home through us is found (that option does allow the adopter to set the adoption fee, and occassionally, this is important to some adopters).

Please just reach out if you are concerned you may need to return your horse, so we can help you!

This is a link to returning a horse to the rescue for our records

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