Re-homing your old horse is so hard on him. Don’t do it.

Re-homing your old horse is so hard on him.

If you love him, just do not do it. Please do not. Let him go kindly where he knows his place, his people. Not only have I been the person who has picked up more aged horses than anyone I’m likely to ever meet and take them away from their home, only to see the rapid decline and suffering they go through,

I once had to do the same thing to my grandmother.

Within weeks, she stopped being able to reason or walk, and she died within months. The months from her move to her death were gruesome. The stress of leaving her home absolutely destroyed her. It was without dignity and cruel. I did not want to move her. It broke my heart. It made her irrational. For reasons beyond either her or my control, though, I had to move her. She went with her daughters, one after the other, but the change was too much for her. She began fell apart so fast.

I so wish she could have passed in her own home. I will wish it forever. But little good my wishes do her. I’ve seen it so many times with old horses, too. So many times.

For many very old beings, human or non, change is enough to be the tipping point from still holding onto life quality and losing it. People and horse are not the same, but we can decide to make things better for the animals that are under about absolute care, for sure. With humans, we cannot.

I am not suggesting we compare – we can’t.

I’m not saying we should make choices for people like we can for animals.

What I am saying it that we can see, in humanity, so much pain, we can make decisions in the animal world that avoids those things we cannot with people.

I did not have it in my power to let my 83-year-old grandmother stay where she wanted to live out her life. We all have it in our power, with our pets, to make sure outcomes are exactly what our senior animals need and deserve, especially because they are not planning for a tomorrow. They always depend on us to make their choices, from the start.

So, if you ever face a situation where your aged critter cannot stay with you, call your vet and give a peaceful end at the home they have now with the people they know.DO NOT ever rip them away from their place. Do not delude yourself with a happy ever after. It isn’t coming.

We are their owners, and we can make sure the stress and slow failure that comes from moving them never has to happen. Be tough.

Do the right thing.

Do not take the easy way out for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Re-homing your old horse is so hard on him. Don’t do it.

  1. Thank you for this. I truly hope people start to do this. I will never understand how you could just walk away from a horse that you have had for so many years and not look back. Thank you for all that you do.

  2. Even an old horse can benefit from a move to a better place. No horse should be confined to a small area or ignored and uncared for. We just brought home a 23 yr old “lame” gelding. After 2 months without shoes and with freedom of movement he cavorts with my 17 yr old. I don’t think he was ever mistreated, just not enough freedom.

  3. I couldn’t agree more! We move horses around so much that we take it for granted and miss just how much stress it causes. We also underestimate the attachments horses have to other beings and the security of their surroundings, and the stress of leaving those attachments behind, even on a younger horse. My heart aches with every 20+ horse listed as seeking a “pet” or “companion” home.

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