One of the best horses you can find this year is in the Appalachian Trainer Face Off

Apply to Adopt one of over 40+ Horses in August

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If you’re looking for a horse this year, look no further than the Appalachian Trainer Face Off.

Over 40+horses of many breeds, ages, levels and abilities will be adoptable on August 19th.

Apply now to have a the ability to meet and bid on one of these amazing animals.

The most unique part of the ATFO and the ability to adopt one of these horses is the remarkable level of training that has gone into them over the last 100+ days.

You are able to look over the whole journey through each horse and trainer’s social media presence in a unique way.

Approval allows you to bid on any suitable horses for which you are approved.

Approval doesn’t require you bid or adopt. It just gives you the option to do so.

Apply today (before Aug 10th) and plan to attend this amazing event to adopt.

See all horses here

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