Sponsor a Safe Place for a Horse to Recover for a Year

Heart of Phoenix is launching a new program that allows YOU to sponsor a stall or other housing space for 12 months!

During that calendar year:

  • A laminated flyer with your sponsorship information will be at the facility for visitors to see for the space you’ve sponsored.
  • When we post about horses that are in rescue using that space, we will mentioned who has sponsored the space he occupies at least once during that year.
  • A social media album will include a copy of your flyer with whatever information you would like, whether it is in honor or memory of a special horse or person or with a note about why you chose to sponsor a space.
  • In December, Heart of Phoenix will mail you the laminated flyer with a note with the names of horses that came through and were safely housed in YOUR sponsored space.

This would make an awesome, meaningful gift to give to a horse lover in your life at each year’s end or be a great corporate sponsorship option for a business.

There are 4 options for housing to sponsor:

  1. $250 Sponsors 1 Stall for a year. This stall may house up to 2 horses on rotation per day, each day of the year
  2. $400 Sponsors a Run (4) for a year. These runs have a small lot attached for the horses that cannot be turned out in fields or larger spaces.
  3. $400 Sponsors The Paddock (1) for a year. The paddock usually have 2 ponies or horses or up to 4 miniatures daily in the space.
  4. $500 Sponsors The Overhang (1) for a year. This area typically housing horses recovering from surgery or feral horses or very bonded herds that have not yet been intergrated into the main herd or are quarantined. There are typically 2-4 horses in this space at a time.

To sponsor, please click Here

Sponsorship is tax deductible

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