In Honor of 1 of Our Most Dedicated Volunteers and her Fight to Beat Breast Cancer:

Suzanna began volunteering with Heart of Phoenix more than 11 years ago.

Since then, she has been instrumental in helping Heart of Phoenix establish ourselves as a source of good information and education, and her plethora of educational posts have helped grow the page far beyond what I personally imagined back in 2014 when she came on board as an admin.

But let’s be honest, posting great information is only a part of all she has given to the horses of Appalachia. She has fostered, tamed, hauled and been there to tell many goodbye. She has done non-glamorous work many would not want to and most done so behind the scenes.

Suzanna is a mom of 3 kiddos, in addition to being someone who actively volunteers at her local food bank and fosters puppies in need for a Kentucky based rescue, too. She has never limited all she gives to just horses, but the truth is, horses are massive part of her life.

Suzanna is the most practical person I’ve met, and she and I had been brainstorming for a special type of trailer that is VITAL to Heart of Phoenix. Right before she was diagnosed, she found the trailer we needed, and we had been trying to come up with a way to fund this much needed piece of equipment.

Today, another volunteer-adopter-donor, Diana, reached out to say how much she appreciated Suzanna, and she suggested many others feel the same and would like to give in her honor as she continues to recover from her mastectomy, await results on whether chemo will be in her future and just heal from what a trying time this has been (though, let me tell you, she’d not had a moment of self-pity. She’s been the bravest person about it all).

Suzanna loves Heart of Phoenix: the horses, people and mission: She felt giving supporters and friends this option was something she could support.

So if you appreciate Suzanna, the work of Heart of Phoenix, love horses and/or have had a family member or personally have fought cancer, consider giving a gift toward the equipment Suzanna was working so hard to help us find before this happened.

The full cost of the trailer is $18,000.00. Whatever is donated in Suzanna’s name will go toward it’s purchase.

Maybe we will paint it Pink, which happens to the color of most all of her HOP shirts and her HOP license plate, after all.   

There are many ways to give:

All donations are tax deductible. Heart of Phoenix is a 501©3 organization

You can also give via FB or this post. Thank you!

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