We did it! We exceeded our goals to impact horses in Appalachia with the help of the Arnall Family Foundation and the Right Horse

We did it.

I just submitted our final report to the Arnall Family Foundation
on our grant to increase capacity and adoptions through partnership with The Right Horse, and we blew our goals out of the water over the 3 years we received the funding!

We exceeded ALL of our projected expectations:

We started 2018 with Adoptions numbers at: 51 horses
We projected:
• 2019/2020 Adoption Forecast: 75 horses
• 2020/2021 Adoption Forecast: 87 horses
• 2021/2022 Adoption Forecast: 100 horses

We started with 2018 intake numbers at: 90 horses
We projected:
• 2019/2020 Intake Forecast: 115 horses
• 2020/2021 Intake Forecast: 132 horses
• 2021/2022 Intake Forecast: 151 horses

Our final and actual data:
2019 – 117 horses accepted, 80 adoptions
2020 – 156 horses accepted, 88 adoptions
2021 – 184 horses accepted, 113 adoptions

2022 UTD – 92 horses accepted, 41 adoptions

I am so grateful for the opportunity to undertake this challenge and for what our incredible team accomplished.

I truly believe I am fortune to work with the greatest people on Earth

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